Antivirus Endpoint Sophos the best protection against virus malware INNOVATIVE PROTECTION, the best solution for the network and the user!


The next step towards the new generation: ultra-fast performance, security and centralized control.

  • Fastpath packet optimization technology with up to 140Gbps of throughput;
  • Revolutionary security - Security Heartbeat - for advanced threat protection;
  • Patented user identity control (Layer 8);
  • App risk factor and user risk level monitoring.


Stop ransomware before it hijacks your files!

Ransonware is a type of attack that is affecting most organizations today. This threat takes your files hostage until the hacker is paid, thus causing huge losses for companies.

Sophos Intercept X features CryptoGuard technology, which prevents malicious self-encryption of data by all forms of ransomware. CryptoGuard reverts your files to a safe state.


Great protection against ransomware, rootkits, zero-days, malicious traffic and much more...

Determines suspicious behavior, allowing the detection of very specific Malware created to circumvent more common solutions.
Pre-filter all HTTP traffic and monitor suspicious traffic and the path of the file process that is sending that traffic.
Instant and automatic communication between the endpoint and the network alerts you to exactly what the firewall is detecting, allowing the endpoint protection agent to immediately use this information to discover the process behind that threat.



  • Guilherme Goldenstein
    Cope Engenharia has been working with Trinity for over 4 years. We are sure that with the support offered, we can work with focus on our activity. With competent professionals who are always available, we are always well served, quickly and with extreme objectivity.
    Guilherme Goldenstein
    Cope Engenharia
  • José Antônio Rosa dos Santos
    A company only exists because it has customers and suppliers of goods and services. The market relationship network is formed by the complex set of different triads of suppliers-company-customers. Within this focus, I can say that I saw Trinity being conceived, born and prospering thanks to its mentor who installed and supported it from the first computer installed at Aerodynamics, in 1996, to the present day, with its renewed company. It is a source of pride to see such a solid relationship throughout this long period of service provision that we have received.
    José Antônio Rosa dos Santos
    Aerodinâmica Consultoria
  • Ricardo Villar
    For many years, Trinity, through Marco Aurélio, a great and beloved figure, and his extremely professional and capable team, has served us with excellence. In difficult times (when problems appear) they are always ready and active. Trinity TI is an important part of our Architecture and Urban Planning team with its essential services. May they continue like this, always evolving.
    Ricardo Villar
    Ricardo Villar Arquitetura e Urbanismo
  • Wagner B. da Fonseca
    The work developed by TrinityTI with our company allowed us, in recent years, to worry only about architecture. They enabled a leap in quality in our IT structure. It is a pleasure to have them as partners.
    Wagner B. da Fonseca
    L.ARQ Arquitetura e Planejamento
  • Gisele Taranto
    Always committed, committed and willing to solve our needs quickly and satisfactorily. The result is 8 years of a successful partnership, this is how long we have had Trinity responsible for our IT.
    Gisele Taranto
    Gisele Taranto
  • Chicô Gouvêa
    Trinity serves us very well, including in emergencies, which happen a lot. They usually have someone close to our office and arrive to get the machines working. The employees who serve us are super helpful.
    Chicô Gouvêa
    Chicô Gouvêa Arquitetura
  • Daniele Valle
    Having Trinity advising us allows us to dedicate the team's precious time to developing our projects, safe in the knowledge that our data and equipment are safe.
    Daniele Valle
  • Soraya Bessil
    After several attempts, we finally found the right IT company. They are serious people, dedicated and committed to what they do. They serve with promptness and seriousness! I have nothing but praise to give to everyone on the team! Thank you for the services provided.
    Soraya Bessil
    Saimel Engenharia
  • Edmundo Musa
    TRINITY has been supporting ARQ&URB Projetos for over 10 years and we are grateful for the peace of mind and security it conveys in a vital service for our entirely IT-based activity.
    Edmundo Musa
  • Eduardo Martins
    We have relied on Trinity's services since 2000 and in fact we understand that there is a partner, as it is committed to quality and punctuality.
    Eduardo Martins
    RJ Martins Arquitetura