Who is Trinity?

Your partner in the digital world, facilitating your dialogue with technology and helping your company reach its full potential. Whatever your technological challenge, we are here to help.

Commitment to Excellence


We facilitate relationships between people and technology, providing more effectiveness and efficiency in companies. Knowing that technology is an essential tool for business success, we also understand that it can often be challenging for companies to implement it in an effective and integrated way.

That’s why we’re here to help. The main objective is to provide personalized solutions and qualified service quickly, combining a humanized approach with personalized solutions. We believe that technology should be accessible and easy to use, and that solutions should be adapted to the specific needs of each client.


We want to become the largest Service Desk/Infra company in Rio de Janeiro by 2030.
It aims to be recognized as a leader in the segment, providing innovative and adapted solutions  

At Trinity Ti, we are committed to providing high-quality technology solutions and exceptional service. 

We constantly seek to innovate and
improve to offer the best solutions to the needs of our customers.

We also strive to create a positive and collaborative work environment for   professional development.


Our values ​​are based on ethical and moral principles. All attitudes are based on the following values:

• Respect: we value and respect people, the variety of thoughts, experiences and perspectives, and we recognize that diversity is fundamental to the success of our company.

• Transparency: we maintain clear and transparent communication with our customers, employees and partners, always seeking trust and credibility in our relationships.

• Dedication: we are dedicated to providing high-quality technological solutions and exceptional service to our customers, always seeking excellence in our services.

• Integrity: we act with integrity in all our relationships, always maintaining high ethical and moral standards in our activities