Quality in VoIP Calls

VoIP solutions are an alternative to combining security, monitoring and financial management on calls. Fortunately, we live in an enlightened moment in Technology and to choose your Voice Over IP service well, here are some precautions!

1. Network Issues

Outdated routers, firewalls, modems and other equipment are the number one cause of poor VoIP call quality.

To fix these issues, you may need to update the firmware on your network hardware. Typically, an upgrade is the cheapest solution, but if it doesn’t help, you may need to replace the hardware.

2. Jitter

Since communication is carried out via the Internet and the internal network, it is also divided into data packets. If the delivery order of these packages is not correct, the audio will be cut off and a malfunction will occur.

To correct, a jitter buffer must be configured. This solution intentionally delays incoming data packets to ensure users receive them in the correct order. The buffer needs to be configured correctly, but if it is too small, packets may be dropped when it fills up.

3. Connectivity issues

If you have a lot of voice communications and own the bandwidth to read emails, watch videos and downloads, the number of people using the service will be greater. Not all Internet connections or plans are designed to handle this type of traffic. When you use too much bandwidth for too many different things, call quality suffers.

To alleviate these issues, work with your ISP to increase features or switch to a larger, faster plan. Indispensable for any company that uses VoIP, high-speed corporate software packages are considered an important requirement.

For quality in your VoIP Calls, hire Trinity Tie and have the best technicians on the market.

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