Technology experts driving innovation

Our technical team is made up of highly qualified professionals in corporate networks, IT security, Mikrotik, Sophos and much more. They are always up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies, ensuring we can offer the best solutions to our customers. With their experience and expertise, our technical team is capable of facing the most complex challenges and delivering exceptional results.

Eduardo Lima

Technical Team Leader, graduated in Systems Analysis and Development. 
Certifications: Mikrotik: MTCNA e MTCSE | Onipresente: UEWA | Fortinet: NSE 1, 2 e 3. 
Iworkon medium complexity demands: Email services, networks, corporate WiFi, servers, cloud synchronization and backup solutions, indaddition to providing remote support to the N1 and N2 team.2. 

Adriano Estabile

Technical Team Coordinator. 

Career developed in the area of ​​Information Technology, with extensive experience in the area of ​​IT infrastructure, Network management, serversWindows, VMware VirtualizationHyper-V e Information security,where I developed all the knowledge acquired throughouteover20years in thearea. 


Mikrotik: MTCNA e MTCRE 

Fortinet: NSE1, NSE2, NSE3 

Watchguard: Network Security Essentials 

Microsoft: MCSA Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012. 

Microsoft: MCSE Core Infrastructure 

Google: G Suite Administrator Fundamentals 

Renato Cardoso

N2 Support Analyst - Certifications: NSE 1,2 and3 Fortinet, Mikrotik Basic. 
Analyst in structuring and organizing network infrastructure, Programmerweb Front-end, Analista residente bilíngue intermediário / avançado, Analista de suporte help desk bilíngue.

Kassio Vinicius

N2 Support Analyst - Certifications: NSE 1,2, 3 Fortinet Computer Networks, Rack assembly and organization, Knowledgeof CFTV andintercom, Maintenance and assembly of computersandSupport for users locally and remotely.. 

Reginaldo dos Anjos

N2 Support Analyst - Certifications: Fortinet: NSE1, NSE2, NSE3, The Evolution of Cybersecurity, Fortinet Product Awareness. 

Mikrotik: Zero to Advanced V2 

Zabbix: Dominating Zabbixfrombasicto advanced, Zabbix 6, Zabbix Training 

Microsoft: Getting started with Windows 10 for IT professionals 

Dell: LiveOptics Part 1 


Computer Assembly and Maintenance Technician.

Nathan dos Anjos

N2 Support Analyst - Certifications: NSE 1,2Fortinet. Microsoft Courses (DiscussAzure Fundamental concepts,Microsoft 365, Security and compliance concepts, describe Microsoft 365 productivity solutions, Cloud app protection and services, Manage Defender for Endpoint). Maintenance/assembly of machines and remote support to users.

Mario Nicolini

N2 SupportAnalyst - Certifications: NSE 1,2 Fortinet | Today focused on remote services, working on demands for digital certificates and tokens, email services, AD permissions, as well as support for queries and problems for users. Call