Yellow September and Technology

How is Technology useful in times of Crisis?

Yes, a job can be deadly. We spend most of our lives within professional or professional environments. We are talking about 1/3 of our functional time and that is really important.

The month of September focuses on raising awareness about the value of life. Have you ever thought about how many times you have witnessed or even participated in situations of emotional stress in the workplace?

The “Yellow Ribbon” movement began in 1994, when Young Mike Emme made an attempt on his life. His parents Dale Emme and Darlene Emme started the suicide prevention program after losing their son. This is how Yellow September was born.

Being in the workplace means living for a long period of time, every day, with people you don’t know. How to identify the risk?

It is commonly reported that people in life-threatening situations can disguise their symptoms, making everyone around them not even imagine the existence of problems.

In fact, it is practically impossible to know, which puts us directly more responsible for cordiality and empathy. The Manager is responsible for mapping technology solutions that optimize employee production time and ensure their quality of life.

China, for example, leads the ranking of countries with the highest corporate suicide rates. Were you aware of this? Experts attribute this sad reality to the enormous competition one is subjected to when in the Chinese job market. There are cases in which employees spend days in their own office, because they come in at night and early in the morning to keep up with their assignments.

But what about when the unexpected happens and a crisis makes everyone return to their homes, being prevented from going out, interacting or going to work, what do you do? Who will be at the forefront of the processes, ensuring that services continue to flow?

Yes, Technology plays a fundamental role in the Integrated Management of a Company. This means observance in improving the routine and the lives of the people involved in it.

We at Trinity believe that the most valuable resource is Life and that is why we have become Specialists in Integrated Management of Companies’ Technology Environments.

Our job is to ensure that each process has the best possible performance and to this end, we personalize each consultancy, monitoring the entire structure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can receive a first consultation now and discover how our solutions can be useful for your Company.

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